What Next Step
Medical Consulting Inc.
does for you:

Partnering with legal professionals since 1990, Next Step consults in Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Product Liability and Workers Compensation cases.

Next Step will assist you with case screening, development, trial preparation, and ongoing diagnosis and care:

  • Case Screening
    Review, interpret, and summarize caregiver documentation, comparing actual treatment with accepted standards. Medical terms and jargon will be clearly explained.

  • Case Development
    Analysis of caregiver documentation provided, in writing, by RNs experienced in medical specialties involving your case. A time line of treatment rendered to your client and a profile of inappropriate or negligent care will be provided.
  • Trial Preparation
    With a nationwide network of healthcare experts and specialists, Next Step will help you select the best professionals to support your case.
  • Ongoing Diagnosis & Care
    Acquire and coordinate IMEs (Independent Medical Examinations) and manage follow up medical treatment to provide updated medical diagnoses and permanency issues.

Next Step; with you all the way:

Arming you with the facts needed to screen out weak and master the most complex cases for trial.

Saving attorney time in the review of medical records.

Cutting down case overhead by providing the best experts when you need them.

Acquisition and Coordination of supporting medical diagnoses and permanency issues.

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